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Isle Of Spice Sea Moss


should be your only choice!

You probably heard about the incredible health benefits of sea moss. But the fact is that ISLE OF SPICE SEA MOSS is the most potent sea moss on the planet, containing some of the highest concentrations of trace minerals of any sea moss that you'll find. Here are the top reasons why:


  • Farm-to-table

  • Marine life - An ideal ecosystem for Sea Moss

  • Unique Treatment & Cleaning process


ISLE OF SPICE SEA MOSS has been farmed and harvested in the pristine waters of Carriacou, Grenada. We're committed to ensuring that our sea moss has one of the best qualities available for our customers. Our sea moss products are carefully crafted to help you achieve optimal wellness.


Sea Moss is a superfood and a fantastic source of fiber, iron, magnesium and other essential minerals. It also has the highest level of minerals per gram of any seaweed. Digest daily to strengthen your immune system and improve overall well-being.  You can also use topically on your skin and in your hair for natural beauty and health. 


We grow high quality Sea Moss to ensure every order is free of impurities and contains only the highest quality ingredients. This superfood is made of 100% pure organic minerals from the waters of Grenada; the surrounding water contains some of the healthiest marine life which benefits the quality of sea moss we harvest. 

Place your order now, every purchase is made-to-order to ensure freshness and quality.

Organic Sea Moss Gel - ISSM.jpg

You want to treat yourself to the best quality supplement to provide your body with strong results. Our Farm-to-Table model ensures that our Sea Moss Gel is carefully harvested, dried, shipped, and prepared into gel to send to our consumers.


We provide Sea Moss Gel in natural flavor as well as infused flavors such as; Cinnamon, Blueberry and Spirulina for extra health benefits and taste. We also offer Sea Moss Raw which is our dried Sea Moss, if you prefer to make your own gel. 


Add the Sea Moss Gel to your daily routine. Add it to your favorite smoothie, tea or take it straight or use topically and apply directly onto your skin as a face mask (regular flavored gel suggested). The possibilities are endless. If you want a healthy supplement but don't want to sacrifice quality to get it. At the Isle of Spice Sea Moss, we understand that. We make it easy and convenient for you to stay healthy and happy.

Sea Moss Gel

Farm 2 table

We at Isle of Spice Sea Moss have been growing sea moss for many years. We offer our Top-Notch Farm-to-Table model. Our biggest flex is that We are in control of the entire process of farming, picking, cleaning, and drying the sea moss. 


Our primary goal is to provide the best quality Sea Moss to our consumers. To guarantee this our sea moss is tested by Certified Laboratories in Melville, NY; which conducts FDA and USDA Approved testing. Sea Moss is high in trace minerals and has been shown to support the immune system, digestion, energy levels, and overall wellness.


We ensure that our customers get the highest quality Sea Moss they can afford. Isle of Spice Sea Moss is known for its quality and affordability. 



Isle of Spice Sea Moss is a black family-owned small business founded by Jeanette Henderson, her daughter Ife Henderson and Guyviaud Joseph. As a Grenadian citizen and health conscious chef, Jeanette has run a successful food & bar business in Carriacou, Grenada for several years and currently runs a Bakery.  


Jeanette. Ife and Guyviaud have always maintained a diet focused on health and nutrition to strengthen the immune system and promote a fit lifestyle. In the wake of the COVID pandemic; the trio discovered the lack of knowledge for the superfood. As they attempted to help friends and family build their immune system and stay healthy by suggesting/referring them to sustainably grown Sea moss, they noticed a deficiency in supply for sea moss in the US. 


After shipping several loads of Sea Moss, hand farmed and picked by Jeanette to family and friends through out New York and neighboring states the feedback and demand for more were overwhelming. The trio decided to make this nutritional superfood available to the public. 


What Makes Isle of spice sea moss Unique?

Marine life - An ideal ecosystem for Sea Moss


Marine life in the waters which foster growth of Sea Moss is very important; nutrients from various marine life bond together to create the algae known as Sea Moss. These nutrients vary from metals from fish and various sea creatures to minerals from plant particles that were once submerged throughout the sea. 


Grenada’s legislation has always prevented overfishing, a major cause of damaged coral reefs; the presence of this law and others have resulted in sea pollution levels 30% lower than other territories in the Caribbean. This vibrant sea of reefs, plants and various marine life ensures a higher value of vitamins and minerals boasting a stronger quality of Sea Moss for our consumers. We ensure that our Sea Moss is grown in low-to-no pollution-based waters and handled with care to properly clean and maintain the high level of nutritional value.


Unique Treatment & Cleaning process


The harvesting process for sea moss is a tedious and time-consuming procedure which one might not expect until enduring the process. For sea moss to abundantly grow it must be submerged by a minimum of 3-4 feet which requires it be grown a distance from the shore. The harvesting process begins with picking the submerged sea moss from a head of currently grown sea moss; removing the entire head of sea moss will cause the farmer to no longer grow more sea moss with that plant. Once a sufficient quantity is gathered it is usually sent to dry before packaging and getting shipped. 


Our advantage comes during this stage of the process; once we have gathered a sufficient amount of sea moss, we rinse our sea moss three times to remove excess deposits of salt from the sea. Most dried sea moss purchased from vendors typically is engulfed in salt deposits, our dried sea moss comes with little to no salt deposits and high in nutrients. The cause of low salt deposits and high nutritional value is we immediately rinse our sea moss once gathered from being harvested from the sea, we continue to rinse each head of sea moss three times to maintain its highest value. 


I have bad circulation in my legs it's been helping with that. My legs don't get so tired anymore. I'm going to order another jar soon!


My daily pains have lessened even more. My energy level is through the roof now, which has allowed me to become consistent with working out. I now have my daughters taking the sea moss. Thanks so much again!


I think you ship your sea moss faster than Amazon shipping their packages. Good stuff!!

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