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The Team

Meet the dedicated team behind Isle of Spice Sea Moss: a family-owned business founded by Jeanette Henderson, her daughter Ife Henderson, and Guyviaud Joseph. With roots in Grenada and a passion for health and wellness, Jeanette, a health-conscious chef, has a rich background in the food industry, having successfully operated businesses in Carriacou, Grenada. Together, Jeanette, Ife, and Guyviaud prioritize health and nutrition, maintaining a diet focused on strengthening the immune system and promoting a fit lifestyle.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the trio identified a lack of knowledge surrounding the benefits of sea moss, a superfood known for its nutritional value. Witnessing the demand firsthand as they shipped hand-farmed sea moss to friends and family in New York and neighboring states, they recognized an opportunity to fill a gap in the market. Motivated by overwhelming feedback and demand, they embarked on a mission to make this nutritional powerhouse accessible to the public.


Co-founder and Head of Cultivation and Farming

Favorite Product

"Blueberry for the nice hint of blueberry flavor and the added antixodants that it provides."


Co-founder and Head of Operations & Marketing

Favorite Product

"I hontestly love all of them, but the Regular gel, I can both ingest and use topically as a face mask to boost that glow!"


Co-founder and Head of Business Development

Favorite Product

"Cinnamon! The day I tasted the cinnamon infused gel I said ‘This is IT’. The mixture of cinnamon flavor and the texture reminds me of apple sauce, my favorite snack."

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